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Slingo games have formed a famed reputation for offering an extensive range of different casino games that present a brilliant melting pot of the best online casino mechanics to bring a completely unique gaming experience for both slots and bingo players alike. Their innovation is endless, offering up a wide variety of themes for you to choose from. From adopting classic slot motifs such as the jovial Rainbow Riches to bringing some new brilliantly branded game shows to the Slingo table they make for a fresh change of scenery if you’re used to playing some of our other games.

Our mission here at UK Casino is to continually provide our customers with games that offer players a plethora of payout opportunities as well as fresh, distinctive titles that keep you engaged with every spin - this is why we’re happy to introduce Slingo games into our collection. Keep your eyes peeled to find out about all of the latest Slingo releases, all of the information you need to play them and all of our top picks right here in one place.

How To Play Slingo

Both online slots and bingo stand as the most simple and user-friendly casino games to play, so it’s easy to say that Slingo is also as straightforward to understand as the games that form its basis. But before you start playing Slingo, we’ve outlined some of the gameplay basics you will need to get to grips with to get started.

Stake: As with all casino games, the first thing you need to do when playing Slingo is set your stake; this is the amount of money you wish to wager during each round of gameplay, so it’s worth making sure that the value you have chosen is best suited to your bankroll before you start.

Spin: Once your stake is set and you’re ready to start playing you can hit the Start button to trigger a round of 11 spins. Below the main grid, you will see a set of up to 5 randomly generated numbers - if any of these numbers match a number on the grid then it will be automatically marked off for you. As with bingo, the aim of the game is to fill as many lines with matched numbers as possible to land yourself a potentially valuable payout.

Wilds: Wilds, also known as Jokers in some games, work slightly differently in Slingo as you may be used to when playing slot games. If they land in the row below the grid the full column of numbers will be illuminated and you will be given the opportunity to select one of the numbers to mark off your grid. Super Wilds/Super Jokers may also appear in some games, offering the opportunity to mark off any number of your choosing on the grid.

Free Spins: Free Spins is one of the most well-loved casino bonuses available in the world of online casino games, so players will be pleased to know that free spins features are available to trigger when playing Slingo. Offering up some extra rounds of gameplay that could lead you to land even bigger wins.