About Winstar Slot

If games like Thunderstruck II and Wild Antics are too complicated for your tastes, you will probably appreciate Winstar. This game gives a nod to traditional, old-style Vegas slots yet still employs 5 reels with 3 rows each. Spin away and watch the symbols drop into place for big wins. If you're lucky, you might even win the Progressive Winstarpot that takes you over the top.


There are no complicated storylines or intricate, 3D graphics in Winstar. It is all about the classic playing card symbols you know and love. This game is a perfect game for the slot purist who does not mind one or two extra features along the way. With that said, there is no Free Spins bonus in Winstar. There are, however, two bonus features that enhance the game nicely. These are explained below.



Game play begins the same way you would start any other slot: by setting your wager. Just use the + and - buttons to adjust your Total Bet up or down. Whatever you wager is will be applied across all 10 fixed paylines for that spin. Then click the green 'Spin' button at far right to get under way.

Experienced slot gamers who like the Autoplay option will not be disappointed with Winstar. You can click this button and decide how many automatic spins you want to be played for you. Once automatic spending commences, it continues until all spins are complete, you run out of credits, you win the jackpot, or you click the 'Stop' button.


There are no true Wild or Scatter symbols in Winstar. However, there is a spinning a gold star that is special. When it is in play, it triggers the Winstar feature explained below.


When the spinning star symbol is activated, it automatically activates the Winstar feature as well. While activated, all spinning stars are stacked where they appear; landing on a reel causes all of the other symbols on that reel to spin until they match, at which point they will stop. The more spinning stars involved in the triggering spin, the greater your chances of winning a substantial prize. You will not win every time the Winstar feature is in play, but every activation of the feature can add significantly to your winnings.


The most inviting feature of Winstar, and one that slot purists love, is its old-style Progressive Jackpot. Here's how a Progressive Jackpot works: it starts with a base value and is available to all players who are playing the game simultaneously. With every spin that does not win the jackpot, a certain percentage is added. The pot continues to grow with every spin until someone wins it. 0.13% of ever stake will be placed into the reserve pot. This means, when the Jackpot King is won, the reserve pot will be used to start the jackpot again. Overall, the jackpot is funded by the initial seed, and 0.86% of each stake, with the additional 0.13% being placed into the reserve pot.

You can win the Progressive Jackpot in Winstar when all five reels are framed in gold. Land a winning combination and win the jackpot. It is as simple as that.


The Theoretical Return to Player is stated at 92.03% plus the Progressive Pot.