Towering Pays Valhalla

Towering Pays Valhalla

About Towering Pays Valhalla

Harken to me brothers and sisters, for Valhalla awaits! Towering Pays Valhalla, developed by ReelPlay Gaming,and brought to you by UK Casino is a gift from the Nordic Gods. In this online slot game you will begin with a 5x3 reel to spin, but matching any of the stacked, golden heads of Odin, Thor, Loki or Valkyrie on three lines or more will trigger an expansion of up to 5x8 reels with 65 paylines.

Towering Pays Valhalla features a number of brightly coloured, nordic designed symbols such as the fox, ram, horse, raven, world serpent and a viking in tandem with the normal playing card suit symbols. The wild symbol in this game is the Horns of Odin and will substitute for any other symbol except the towers, which will transform into a random symbol once on the reels.

If you manage to stack the towers on the 5x8 reel it will trigger the bonus feature in which you can choose to pass or play on a particular bonus starting with Valkyrie and working up to Odin. Each feature of Valkyrie, Loki, Thor and Odin has a different bonus. Will the luck of the Gods grant you an audience with Odin?

Towering Pays Valhalla is an immersive reel set on a backdrop of Norse mythology. The backdrop is bright and animated, the frame of the slot is made with wood and metal to mimic Thor’s hammer, and the symbols pop with colour and carved designs. The music is simple but filled with Norse drum beats and horns for expanding the reels, making this reel one of the most immersive games on site.

How to play Towering Pays Valhalla

Stake Adjust your bet using the arrow keys on the bottom-right of the screen. This will incrementally increase or decrease your stake from 25p to £25

Spin Use the large green button on the right to spin the reels and see what Odin has in store.

Features of Towering Pays Valhalla

Free Spins Reaching a 5x8 reel and then landing another three totems will trigger a bonus featuring images of a Valkyrie, and the Norse Gods Loki, Thor and Odin. Starting with the lowest value of these four symbols, players will be offered to play the bonus, or continue spinning the reels to acquire a higher tier bonus. If the latter is chosen, the reels will reset to 5x3 and players will need to work their way up again to trigger this offer. The features are as follows:

Valkyrie: Free Spins plus a chance of a multiplier.

Loki: Free spins and guaranteed multiplier.

Thor: Free spins and towers on reel four.

Odin: Free spins and towers on all reels at 5x8 grid.

Towering Pays Valhalla FAQ

How many free spins are available in Towering Pays Valhalla? Triggering one of the god bonuses offers 8 free spins with the chance of additional free spins when the towers land on the reels inside the bonus feature.

What is the maximum payout of Towering Pays Valhalla? The maximum that can be won from this online slot is 6500x your stake for the winning spin.