top cat online slot game

Top Cat

About Top Cat Slot

Top Cat is an online casino game developed by Blueprint Gaming to feature 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 paylines. This slot is clearly based on the iconic Hanna-Barbera cartoon, Top Cat, that had a very successful run on TV, originally in the 1960’s. The gang all appear as symbols on the reels, in addition to classic card symbols and the fish bone Wild, which can substitute for all symbols other than the bonus.

With plenty of features, you could find a bonus round that provides you with a big win. 3 bonus symbols will trigger The Masterplan, with the random choice of 5 great rounds. Any spin could see you with a bonus too, as Choo’s Piano Wilds, Benny’s Colossal TV’s, Brain’s Water Wilds and Spooks Mice Is Nice can all be triggered on a single spin. If you’re feeling peckish, look for a full stack of hot dogs on reel 5 for the Fancy Fancy’s Hot Dog Respins.

Top Cat is available to play on UK Casino via mobile, desktop, and tablet devices.

How to Play Top Cat Slot

Total Bet

The Total Bet window will display the current bet that will be staked on the next game round.

Total Win

The Total Win window will show you the amount you have won across all paylines.


Pressing the 'Autoplay' button will automatically spin the reels for the selected number of rounds. Autoplay can be stopped by clicking the 'Stop Autoplay' button.


Clicking on the 'Paytable' button will display the game's paytable, along with any other additional game information.


Wilds will help to form winning lines by substituting for all symbols except scatter or bonus symbols. Only the highest paying win on each line is paid. Wild symbols include: Water Wilds, Choo Piano Wilds, Dibble Wilds, Hot Dog Wilds.

Top Cat Slot Bonus Features

Call or Nothing

If Top Cat appears from the trash can at any point during the game, there is a chance that 'Call Or Nothing' will be triggered. If Top Cat talks to one of the gang, then one of these bonuses will be awarded: Choo’s Piano Wilds

As the reels spin, Choo will walk up to the centre of the reels. Brain will swing on a rope, dropping a piano onto Choo's head. A bump will appear on his head, and the stars floating around his bump will transform symbols on the reels into Wilds. Brain’s Water Wilds

As the reels spin, Brain appears with a fire hydrant next to each reel. Brain will use his wrench to shoot water from each hydrant, giving it the chance to turn the reel Wild. This will happen until Brain has shot water at all 5 reels. Spook’s Mice As Nice

After a call between TC and Spook, the reels stop and TC appears from the trash can. He will blow his whistle, making Mice appear next to each reel symbol, changing them to make a winning spin. If the TC blows his whistle again, the mice will again change the symbols to make another winning spin. This will keep happening until Officer Dibble appears, and the amount won so far will be awarded to you. Benny’s Colossal Free Spins

As the reels spin, Benny will appear and press a button on his remote. This will make a colossal TV appear which will add a number of TV's to the reels. Once a number of colossal TV's appear. The reels stop, and Benny will press his remote again to make the TV's reveal a random symbol.

Fancy Fancy’s Hot Dog

On the final reel, there will be a Hot Dog Wild, which will cover 3 reel positions. If the Hot Dog Wild is fully shown on reel 5, then the Respin Bonus is triggered. A Hot Dog vendor will appear, placing his cart on the 5th reel and covering the Hot Dog Wild. Fancy Fancy and the Gang will appear with a fishing rod, and the reels will spin. After the spin, you are paid for any winning lines, and FF will cast his rod, pulling the cart and Wild 1 reel to the left. This will continue until the Hot Dog Wild has moved to the leftmost reel with a respin, where the vendor will return and grab his cart.

The Master Plan

Enter the Master Plan bonus by landing 3 bonus symbols anywhere on reels 1, 3 and 5. This will show the Pick A Plan cutscene, where you will have a chance to select a bonus. Cash Picker Bonus

A back street scene will be shown, where a garbage truck will be driving and dropping bins onto the screen. You will then Pick A Bin, where a character will pop out holding a multiplier. You continue to choose until Officer Dibble pops out holding 'Collect', which will end the bonus and award you with all winnings. Maharaja Heist Bonus

A secondary bonus screen will be presented, which will be themed around the Maharaja Heist. The bonus is split into 2 stages; the 1st Stage is a multiplier trail, and the second stage is a Big Money Board. In Stage 1, you will have to Choose One Of The Gang in order to advance up the hotel and increase the total multiplier. Selecting one of the gang will either advance the gang up a number of windows (1 to 5), or you will collect, which will end the bonus and all winnings will be paid. If the 'Big Money Board' stage is reached, you are presented with a board layout, with the gang and Dibble on the board. A red die will be rolled to move the gang around the board, collecting big Total Bet multipliers. A blue die will then be rolled for Officer Dibble to advance around the board. If Dibble catches the gang, then an ending cutscene will be shown, and the win will be awarded. Construction Site Free Spins

Revealing the Construction site from the Master Plan will award free spins. The screen will transition and you will be taken to the construction site, where there are multiple reels. The screen will start at the top, on the fifth reel set. The reel is covered in Wilds, with less Wilds being shown on reels further down the construction site. At the bottom construction reel, you will play out the free spins on this reel set. If a number of Top Cat stickers appear on the reels, then you will advance to the next reel set. The higher up the reels you go, the more Wilds they will find. Additional spins are also awarded higher up the reel sets. At the end of the free spins, you are awarded all winnings. Diner Free Spins

After a short screen change, a secondary set of reels will be set in a rainy street. During the bonus, a special Wild symbol will be active on all 5 reels. When any Wild symbol lands in view it acts as a normal Wild, but on the next spin the Wild will roam the reels to find a new position. If 2 roaming Wilds collide, then the whole reel will transform into a Wild. This continues until all Free Spins have been used, and all winnings will be awarded.

Dibble Free Spins

Set in a rainy street, a Wild symbol will be active on all 5 reels. The Wilds can roam around the reels and move into different positions after the first spin. If two Wild symbols happen to collide, they will expand to cover the entire reel. This will continue until you have run out of Free Spins.

Feature Gamble

After any Feature win has been achieved, you can either collect their winnings or gamble to try and win one of the game’s other features. You are presented with a screen showing all feature rounds from right to left, where they are ranked in terms of the average payout. The feature you have just won will have 'Press To Collect' above it, while all other features will have 'Press To Gamble' above it. If you gamble and win, this feature will now be available to play, and all features with a lower payout will be eliminated. This continues until you can collect the top feature, or if any gamble is lost. If a gamble is lost, a Booby Prize is awarded, which will be a random cash value.

Jackpot King Promotional Pot

The Jackpot King is a huge prize that varies in value depending on how long it has been since the Jackpot was last won. The Jackpot King amount is displayed at the top of the reels along with two smaller Jackpots, the Royal Pot and Regal Pot. Land 5 Jackpot King symbols and you’ll be taken to a new screen, where you spin to collect crowns. The more crowns you get, the bigger the total multiplier. Reach 15 crowns and you will enter the Wheel King round, where you spin and could win any of the Progressive Jackpot Pots.

UK Casino Verdict

The Top Cat slot has some many features that our preview could go on forever. A huge attraction of the game is, of course, the Jackpot King and the potential to claim it, but each of the bonus rounds also add something completely unique and fantastic. The theme has a lot of nostalgia involved with it too, being a popular TV show from years gone by. If you enjoy Top Cat, you may also like the Count Duckula slot or the Thundercats slot.