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Three Card Poker

About Three Card Poker

A modern take on Stud Poker, Three Card Poker operates with a full 52 card deck in play and the aim of forming a stronger hand than the dealer with the 3 cards you are dealt. This IGT experience is a table game with a house edge, offering players a shot to succeed through two betting ways. You can choose to place a wager with more frequent payoffs, one which may lead to you winning up 40 x your bet or both if you feel like your luck has come in.

How to Play Three Card Poker

Ante Bet

Before the cards are dealt you must set an ‘Ante’ bet. Select the value of chips you would like to play this hand with and click the ‘Ante’ bet space on the table to place your wager. Should you hit a winning hand, payout odds differ depending on the value of your hand.

Play Bet

Once the cards are dealt, you will be given the option to ‘Play’ or ‘Fold.’ If you believe your hand is stronger than the dealers, hit play. Not quite sure? Fold your cards and forfeit your ‘Ante’ and ‘Pair Plus’ wagers. However, if you do choose to play, you will have to set a further ‘Pay’ bet.

Three Card Poker Special Features

Pair Plus Bet

If you’re feeling extra lucky, you can also set and additional bet before the cards are dealt. Set a ‘Pair Plus’ bet if you think you have a chance of beating the dealer by being dealt a hand which is a pair or higher. Like the ‘Ante’ bet, should you hit a win with a pair or higher the odds will differ depending on the value of your hands.

UK Casino Thinks…

We’re pleased to welcome Three Card Poker into the UK Casino ever-growing arsenal of virtual casino games. It offers players a welcome alternative to the standard Texas Hold’em style and introduces them to a whole new way of poker gameplay. If you enjoy this variation, why not check out the others UK Casino has to offer? Or, take a trip over to our live casino and test your skills against a live dealer. We suggest Live Caribbean Stud.