Super Diamond Deluxe

Are you longing for a simpler video slot game without an unnecessary plot line and too many bonus features to keep track of? If so, Super Diamond Deluxe is the slot game for you. This is one of the simplest games on the market yet still one of the most entertaining. It is all about spinning the reels and watching the symbols fall into place. You could even win the big Progressive Jackpot if you're lucky.


Many of the modern slot games being introduced by the industry's big names rely on 3D graphics, complex bonus features, and interesting storylines to captivate users. But players who appreciate traditional slot gaming for its own merits are flocking to Super Diamond Deluxe. This game features 5 reels, 10 fixed paylines, stacked symbols, and a progressive jackpot that could mean winnings for you.



The Super Diamond Deluxe interface is as simple as can be. Along the bottom of the screen are the various buttons and controls you will need to play. At the far left is the 'Paytable' button, followed by the 'Total Bet' window. Adjust your bet up or down by using the + and - symbols. At centre is the 'Total Win' window, followed by the 'Auto Play' and 'Spin' buttons.

To play Super Diamond Deluxe, simply set your total bet amount and then click either 'Spin' or 'Auto Play'. The reels will spin, stop, and award you for wins.


Super Diamond Deluxe includes both Wild and Scatter symbols. Scatter symbols can appear anywhere on the reels and result in an extra, separate award. Wild symbols can substitute for all others except the Scatter symbol.


Some reels will show stacked symbols randomly throughout the game. When symbols are stacked, the entire reel may reveal a single symbol when it stops. Stacked reels increase your chances of winning.


The paylines in this game do not follow the standard formula of having to originate in the far left position. Rather, any combination of three or more like symbols originating on reels 1, 2, or 3 produces a win.


The highlight of Super Diamond Deluxe is its progressive jackpot that can be won by landing 5 Gold symbols on any standard spin. 0.13% of ever stake will be placed into the reserve pot. This means, when the Jackpot King is won, the reserve pot will be used to start the jackpot again. Overall, the jackpot is funded by the initial seed, and 0.86% of each stake, with the additional 0.13% being placed into the reserve pot.


Super Diamond Deluxe pays only the highest winning combination on a single payline for any spin. Multiple wins across numerous paylines are added together with all scatter wins to produce the total award for a single spin. The game includes a transaction limit for every game. Reaching this limit automatically causes play to cease.


The Theoretical Return to Player is stated at 92.03% plus the Jackpot King Progressive.