Sunset Reels

About Sunset Reels Slot

Sunset Reels Slot is a 3 x 3 reel fruit slot with 5 winlines produced by Realistic Games.

Sunset Reels Slot Buttons


Selecting the ‘Info’ button in Sunset Reels Slot will show you the paytable and how to activate the Bonus features.


You can increase or decrease your stake in the Sunset Reels Slot game by using the Up or Down arrow buttons.


Once you have selected your stake you can select the Spin button to begin the Sunset Reels Slot game.


You can select the Auto button to spin the reels for a selected number of rounds at the stake of your choice. This can be stopped at anytime by pressing the Stop button.

Sunset Reels Slot Full House Win

Like most slot games you need to match symbols on a winning line to receive a win, well with the Sunset Reels you can receive 9 matching symbols called a Full House. Receive a Full House and you will get the ‘mega full house’ payout with double winnings on each payline.

Sunset Reels Slot Jackpot Win

The best symbol in the Sunset Reels is the number 7. We call these ‘Lucky Sevens’ and this is because they can win you the Jackpot. If you get nine number 7 symbols then you will be in for a big surprise. Play to find out.