Sunrise Reels

Step up to a realistic looking video arcade slot game, take a glimpse at the screen, and set your wager before spinning the reels. That's all there is to this uncomplicated arcade-style game from Realistic, a company that goes out of its way to simulate what first and second generation video slots used to be like. If you look really closely around the perimeter of the simulated slot machine, you will see the glow of other slot screens and the intricate carpet on the floor.


Sunrise Reels is intended to be a realistic simulation of the earliest video slot games. You will find the simple interface refreshing while the realistic representation of an arcade slot machine will make you feel at ease. There are no complicated storylines or distracting bonus features that require tremendous amounts of concentration to keep up with. This is all about easy, relaxing slots with a simulated ocean view.



Sunrise Reels features traditional slot symbols including your favourites: fruits, bars, and sevens. It is a 3-reel, 5-payline game in which all paylines are active for every spin. You can register wins horizontally or diagonally by achieving three like symbols on consecutive reels.

Gameplay is simple: use the up and down arrow keys to establish your Total Bet before clicking either the 'Start' button or the 'Auto' button. 'Start' initiates a single manual spin while 'Auto' lets you designate a number of spins that the game will make automatically. For Paytable information, just click on the 'Info' button at far left. Also, pay attention to the bottom of the simulated video screen. There you will find information about your current bet, your winnings, and your running balance.


There are no Wild, Bonus, or Scatter symbols in Sunrise Reels. That is to be expected in a first-generation video arcade game. However, the sevens symbol is the most valuable symbol in this game. Should you land three of them on a single payline, you will win a prize equal to 60 times your original bet!

Also note that Sunrise Reels does offer a little bit of extra entertainment by way of stacked symbols. All symbols are stacked across the 5 reels for every spin; they are stacked randomly by the game. Stacking symbols increase your chances of winning by making more combinations available on any given spin.


Sunrise Reels is by no means a complicated slot game to play or master. It is as simple as you can get in a modern game designed to reflect a past era. That said, there is no need to worry about multiple wins on a single pay line as it is not possible with just 3 reels. You can win multiple prizes across multiple paylines on any spin. Sunrise Reels includes a transaction limit that will stop the game once reached. Any malfunction or misuse of the game will also cease the play and void all previous payouts.