slingo extreme casino game

Slingo Extreme

About Slingo Extreme

The Slingo Extreme game offers players a flaming blend of some of the best casino games in the industry to create a fantastically well-rounded gameplay experience that is bound to capture the attention of all kinds of players here at UK Casino. Whether you’re more fond of casino slots or the simplicity of online bingo games, Slingo delivers brilliant user-friendly gameplay that’s easy for all player of all abilities to grasp and is complete with impressive jackpot payout potential, free spins and Wild symbols to be discovered.

How To Play Slingo Extreme


Regardless of whether you’re a budget player or a high roller, Slingo Extreme has bet values to cater to every preference so you can choose the one that suits you best. Unlike slot games, the wager you set is not deducted on every spin - it allocates you 11 rounds to play through in succession, with the opportunity to win free spins throughout the gameplay. You can also purchase additional rounds once the initial 11 are spent.


When you’ve adjusted your stake accordingly and you’re ready to play, you can press the Spin button to start. This will begin the first of your 11 rounds. Numbers and potentially special symbols will appear in the row below the grid and if any of these numbers match they will be marked off the grid automatically.