slingo cascade casino game

Slingo Cascade

About Slingo Cascade

Pirate slots stand as some of the most popular casino games we host here at UK Casino and with the emergence of Slingo games amongst players we’re very excited to introduce Slingo Cascade, a pirate-themed online Slingo game that offers a bounty of pirate-worthy booty to uncover.

Much like most other Slingo games, Slingo Cascade has a whole host of winning potential that could be unlocked by players if multiple winning lines (also known as Slingos) are formed across the grid - with a possible jackpot payout of up to 5,000x your stake available if you’re able to find 20 winning Slingos. There’s an additional feature that could help you sail closer to that jackpot payout and some players may find it familiar if you’re an avid player of casino slots - similar to the cascading or tumbling reels feature found in online slots, whenever a matching number or winning Slingo is found the numbers involved will re-spin or explode to allow for new potential matches to be found. Several additional symbols may also appear throughout the game, such as Cherubs (which serve as the Jokers in Slingo Cascade), Devils and Free Spins, all of which hold different abilities with could help or hinder your journey to uncovering the treasures hidden deep within the Slingo Cascade.

How To Play Slingo Cascade


As always, the first step of Slingo gameplay is to set your stake - simply use the (+) and (-) buttons to adjust the total bet value. Unlike slot games, the stake you set in Slingo will give you nine rounds to play through, so it’s worth double-checking that you’re happy with the amount you choose to wager.


Once you’re familiar with the rules of the game and you’ve chosen a stake to suit your budget, you can press the ‘Spin’ button to play through each of the nine rounds. The end goal is to get as many Slingos as possible to uncover potentially valuable cash prizes; you could even trigger some extra free spins as you play!