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Salon Privé Blackjack 2

The Best Live Blackjack

Enter the palace of online gaming entertainment that is Salon Privé. The highest tier of live online gaming awaits you, as Salon Privé is the most exclusive gaming format players can possibly come across. Every aspect of Salon Privé gaming is designed to meet the high expectations of those players looking for a UK online casino environment of unique look, feel, and action.

Salon Privé offers high roller players access to a number of live casino games with incredibly high staking requirements. In Salon Privé there is pretty much no real limit as to how much a player can bet or win. Be advised though, in some cases Salon Privé management reserves the right to subject players to bankroll screening prior to them placing really high wagers.

The Main Features of Live Blackjack

If players are looking to take part in the most exclusive and grand game of live blackjack available online, then Salon Privé is the place to go. There are three high stakes blackjack tables operated by Salon Privé at all times, no exceptions.

Other live casino games running in this room are Salon Privé roulette and baccarat. The look and feel of the Salon Privé blackjack tables are very classy with their plush décor and uniquely designed gaming table. At the end of the day, it is a top tier game and so it should look every bit the part.

There are a number of essential factors that set Salon Privé live blackjack apart from any of the other game formats. First and foremost, this is a high stakes blackjack game of incomparable proportions and magnitude. It is left to players to decide how much to bet in a game – the minimum and maximum wager limits take on a whole new meaning.

Next up, the gaming action is tightly scrutinised at all times by a qualified room manager who ensures every aspect of each game is just as it should be and befitting a grand casino. Last but not least, Salon Privé allows more player control over gameplay dynamics through advanced functionality (available to players via their handy in-game interface).

A Private Blackjack Experience

Naturally, a key aspect of playing in Salon Privé is privacy. Players will enjoy the cool and relaxed atmosphere of one-to-one gaming and private blackjack tables with no other participants (except the dealer of course).

Control over privacy means players can focus on their high stakes game without having to worry about other participants nosing around their bets or game strategies.

Before you continue with your Salon Privé experience, here is a bit of trivia: Blackjack is a great card game to begin with, and as such it has its own hall of fame. The blackjack hall of fame honours the game’s experts, authors, and greatest players. Currently, the blackjack Hall of Fame is located at the Barona Casino in San Diego, CA, USA.