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The Place to Play Live Blackjack

The words Salon Privé are synonymous with exclusive, high stakes gaming set in the most luxurious and grand surroundings. Salon Privé is the top tier of online casino UK gaming entertainment. This game room is characterised by extremely high minimum and maximum bet limits, and of course, potentially super payouts should one get lucky.

Salon Privé live gaming is naturally exclusive and reserved for high roller players who have the means to take part in high stakes online games. Salon Privé blackjack is also set apart from all the other gaming rooms through the way in which the action is conducted. In this, the epitome of top grade gaming entertainment, highly demanding players will be in for an exceptional online experience, which is as unique as Salon Privé itself.

Every aspect of playing at Salon Privé is designed and integrated for a seamless, high-quality game format.

The Best Live Blackjack Experience

Salon Privé is home to three extremely popular gaming choices. These are roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. There are three live blackjack tables operated in Salon Privé at all times. The tables offer a distinctively luxurious look and feel.

Players will immediately notice the difference in the lavish surroundings and elaborate decorations of the studio. The live blackjack table itself is finished in a noticeably plush décor. All of this makes live blackjack in Salon Privé a unique gaming experience able to meet and even exceed the lofty expectations of experienced players.

In Salon Privé live blackjack, your game host is a highly experienced, impeccably mannered croupier. The dealer is very professional and versed in all aspects of live casino gaming. The skills and expertise of the host translate to a sleek and elegant game of live blackjack without any compromise. Participants are able to hear real-time verbal responses from their dealer, making for more realistic and immersive gameplay.

Blackjack Made Simple

When players take part in a Salon Privé game of live blackjack, they take control of all the action. Being an extremely exclusive, high stakes game, Salon Privé blackjack is devoid of any entry game functions like Bet-behind in order to preserve the game’s high exclusivity and prestige factor.

The usual blackjack core game rules apply here too, though with much higher stakes attached. At Salon Privé, participants are given control over the pace of the game through the Deal Now function, which prompts the croupier to proceed with the game at the player’s request.

Being an exclusive top tier online gaming room, Salon Privé is supervised at all times by a specially trained casino games manager who ensures that all the action on the tables proceeds in the correct manner and in accordance with all casino gaming regulations.