Royal Casino Roulette

About Roulette Royal Casino

Roulette fans can now experience the beauty and adrenaline of Denmark's Royal Casino via Authentic Gaming's streamed roulette table. Localised streams are growing in popularity amongst the gambling community as players want an authentic casino experience that gives them a sense of security and trust.

For popular games such as roulette, manufactured studios or simulations sometimes aren't as gratifying as experiencing the game in a real-life casino, making the Authentic Gaming live games, streamed directly from the floor of real-world casinos a very popular choice.

How Does Roulette Royal Casino Work?

If you have played online roulette before, you can be comfortable entering Roulette Royal Casino’s live streaming environment. Play on your mobile, tablet or computer and access real-life roulette games live as they happen. A professional croupier directs the action at the table and players interact via an intuitive and beautifully designed interface overlaid on the screen.

Those who are new to live roulette streaming should be aware there are multiple ways to place bets. Bets can be made from the betting grid, the Hot and Cold Number area and the Racetrack, for example. More experienced players may prefer the Calls Bets Area where more comprehensive bets can be placed.

How to Play Roulette Royal Casino

Playing roulette via a live stream is very similar to how an individual would play in a physical casino. Once an individual has placed their online bet, a physical croupier will spin the roulette wheel and release the marble. The croupier will then announce the marble's final resting place and indicate who has been successful in their bets. Online players will still be able to experience the atmosphere of a bustling casino and watching a real-life roulette spin. As online players can experience the same sights and sounds as players physically in the Denmark casino, the only real difference is that online players can watch from wherever they feel more comfortable, e.g. their home or workplace.

What Are the Special Features of the Game?

The stream is available from 19:00 - 02:00 (CET) and often later in the midweek. The stream is available on multiple devices, including mobile, tablet and desktop to ensure an enjoyable viewing experience no matter which viewing format you favour. By viewing the stream, gamblers are given an insight into the Royal Casino situated in Aarhus, Denmark, which is often considered the most beautiful and prestigious casino in Denmark. Although the camera angles of the stream are focused on the Roulette table, viewers still get a sense and a taste of the surrounding casino environment. The partnership between Authentic Gaming and the Royal Casino was the first of its kind and is the first live gaming stream from a Danish casino.

Are There Any Bonus Features In Roulette Royal Casino?

One of the best things about roulette that makes it one of the most loved casino games in the world is its simplicity. For this reason, bonus features of the game are restrained to avoid distracting from the core attraction of the game. There are, however, betting features designed to enhance the playing experience that allow you to undo, double or repeat your bet to streamline your playing process.

As live players in the Royal Casino are also playing on the roulette wheel, betting times can vary but Authentic Gaming has included an audio countdown feature that ensures you are aware when betting times are coming to an end. The live stream can be adapted to a player's unique preferences, e.g. the volume can be altered and game settings that show gross wins, the last winning number and max bets can be configured.

Start Playing Roulette Royal Casino

Overall, roulette players who want an immersive casino experience without having to leave their home will enjoy the HQ live stream offered by Royal Casino and Authentic Gaming. If you’re not already a member, join UK Casino and start playing at the Royal Casino - just one of the many live casino games that we’re proud to offer to our members.