Rainbow Riches casino slot uk

Rainbow Riches

About Rainbow Riches Slot

Rainbow Riches is an Irish themed online casino uk slot game where leprechauns, rainbows and pots of gold are all in play. As legend has it, at the end of every rainbow there is a pot of gold for the taking. You might bring home your own pot of gold if the lucky leprechaun is on your side.

GAME INTRODUCTION to Rainbow Riches Slot

Rainbow Riches is one of the most popular slot games ever made. Whether played in a land-based casino or online, the whimsical nature of the game makes it very enjoyable for just about everyone. Graphically speaking, it is not the most complex game on the market, but it is bright, colourful, and easy to look at. Rainbow Riches is also incredibly entertaining.

HOW TO PLAY Rainbow Riches Slot


Experienced slot players will be very familiar with how the base game works in Rainbow Riches. Along the bottom of the screen are all the controls necessary to get going. Players use the + and - symbols to adjust active paylines and wagers, then click the 'Spin' the button to start the reels in motion. Along the bottom are also found that Total Bet window, the Win window, an autoplay button, and the paytable button. At the top of the screen, players can find their current balance.


Wild symbols substitute for all others except the three Bonus symbols featured in Rainbow Riches. The three Bonus symbols trigger individual bonus features depending on when and where they appear.


This bonus is triggered by landing three or more Road to Riches bonus symbols during standard play. The round features a wheel that is spun to determine how many steps your character will take up the road. As long as spinning keeps the character moving, prizes are won. The round ends when you reach the end of the road or land on Collect.


Landing three or more Wishing Well symbols on a standard spin launches this bonus round. This is a picking game featuring various wishing wells you get to choose from. Each well represents a multiplier that will be applied to the bet utilised on the standard spin that triggered the round. You could win up to 500 times your original bet.


When you land three or more Pots of Gold in base play, you trigger this final bonus game. In the game, you will see gold, silver, and bronze pots spinning at the start of the game. Once they stop, an arrow will point to one of the pots, which then multiplies the bet that triggered the round according to its value. Like the Wishing Well bonus, you could win up to 500 times your original wager.

Note that the wagers and paylines in play when any of the bonus rounds are triggered also apply to those rounds. The more paylines in play, the greater the potential of your winnings during any bonus round.