Raging Storms

About Raging Storms

Raging Storms is a 5 reel, 4 row casino game offering players a possible 25 paylines to hit during the base game. This IGT adventure reflects the true furocity and power of the mythological weather gods through its dramatic graphics and feature-rich gameplay. A torrent of bonus features and wild symbols only add to the experience.

How to Play Raging Storms

Set Your Bet

Use the + and - buttons to alter your line bet value, this can be between 0.01 and 4.00, to determine what your total bet will be. You can bet from a minimum of 0.25p up to a maximum of £500, how ever much you feel like betting is up to you.


Such as most slots, Raging Storms offers an Autoplay feature which is useful if you don’t fancy clicking or need your hands to hold your snacks. You can set your reels to spin automatically 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 times and will stop is a jackpot is awarded, a bonus is triggered or the single win or loss amount is reached. You can stop it manually too, of course.

Raging Storms Special Features

Storm Wilds

Storm Wilds may appear on reel 1 and/or reel 5 at any point during the base game. They may move horizontally or diagonally to a reel adjacent to their current position at the start of each spin, this is until they’ve moved all the way across the reels.

The symbols will generally move in the same direction, depending on their starting reel.

For example:

A Storm Wild which appeared initially on reel 1 moves to the right on the next spin. A Storm Wild which appeared initially on reel 5 moves to the left on the next spin.

Storm Wilds already present on your reels will move before anymore are added to the game.

Right-moving wilds on reel 5 and left-moving wilds on reel 1 will move off the reels with the next spin.

Combining Wilds

It is possible during the base game for two wilds to combine in several ways. Should this happen, Storm Wilds can combine and successfully form a Super Storm Wild.

A random multiplier of 2x, 3x, 5x or 10x may be applied to any Super Storm Wild. If it substitutes a symbol in a payline, that win line value is multiplied by the value displayed by the Super Storm Wild.

Only a single ‘Super Storm Wild’ may be formed per spin and will last for one spin. On the next spin they will revert back to being two separate Storm Wild symbols and continue to shift around the reels.

Free Spins

The game also offers a Free Spins bonus. Should you land 3 or more scatter symbols anywhere across your reels, you are awarded a selection of free spins as a gift from the Gods. Literally. Depending on how many scatter symbols you land you are given the option to choose a character who will award you with free spins corresponding to their symbol value.

Storm Wilds appear more frequently during the Free Spins bonus and it also features mystery multipliers which may be added to your total win of any spin, including wins multiplied by the Super Storm Wild.

UK Casino Verdict

If you like a slot game that takes its gameplay and features to a whole new level then Raging Storms is definitely for you. This game is not at all short of complex features and bonuses to keep gameplay just as interesting, dramatic and volatile as the Norse Gods it’s based upon. A feature which has really peaked our interest here at UK Casino is the introduction of combining wilds to make a “super” wild. As if one style of wild wasn’t enough? If you’re a fan of the mythological slots and fancy sitting among the Gods for a little while longer, why not check out King of Atlantis?