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Monopoly Slingo

About Monopoly Slingo

Monopoly is arguably one of the most recognisable franchises in the world, spanning countless different editions of the original game and now dominating the world of online casino with a number of innovative titles - now including Monopoly Slingo.

Nye on replicating its namesake, Monopoly Slingo offers one of the most fantastic Slingo numbers we host here at UK Casino by bringing a brilliant melting pot of Monopoly nostalgia and the incredible leading-edge gameplay brought by Slingo Originals’ well thought out series of casino games - roll alongside the iconic Rich Uncle Pennybags to take over notable London streets and fill the game grid with winning Slingos, with each match made filling up to 3 spaces at a time to help push you even closer to that potential payout of up to 4,000x.

How To Play Monopoly Slingo


Keeping your gameplay budget in mind, use the Stake settings to select a value you’re happy to wager. Unlike casino slots, this bet covers up to eight rounds of gameplay with the opportunity to purchase additional games once these are spent.

Choose Profile

Monopoly Slingo includes one of the most important steps those of you who played the original board game will be familiar with, the iconic game pieces selection. Choose between the Dog, Racing Car, Battleship and T-Rex, each of which come with a predetermined number of rolls, available extra rolls and top prize payout attached - so make sure you choose the one you feel suits your gameplay style best.


When you’re content with your stake and you have chosen your profile you can go ahead and start the game. Each round will see you roll the dice and your character will advance around the board, purchasing any properties it lands on and marking them, plus properties of the same colour, off the grid. There are also a number of other game squares available for you to land on, including Jokers and Community Chests and Chance Cards which could award prizes and further opportunities to form those all-important winning Slingos.