Monopoly Live

About Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live: Dream Catcher Edition is a live casino game created by the esteemed developers at Evolution Gaming. Monopoly is probably the most famous board game in the world and has inspired some amazing slot games already such as Monopoly Big Reel and now this has transferred to the live casino category with tremendous effect.

The big wheel can be spun by the live presenter that is split into 54 equal segments. The aim of Monopoly Live is simple, try to predict which segment of the wheel the pointer will land on. The game ties in with a 3D Monopoly board, where Mr Monopoly can head around and collect prizes.

How to Play Monopoly Live

Main Money Wheel

The Main Money Wheel is a huge part of the game. The wheel will spin with 54 available segments to land on. There are 48 segments that are matched with a number, either 1, 2, 5 or 10. The other six segments are made up of two Chance segments, three ‘2 Rolls’ and one ‘4 Rolls’. After the bet placing window is closed, the presenter will spin the wheel and if it lands on the segment you bet on you will win. If the wheel happens to land on Chance, 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls you will have more opportunities to win.The returns for a winning bet are equal to the number shown, such as a 10 paying 10/1.


By landing on the Chance segment of the wheel, Mr Monopoly will provide you with a Chance card. A random cash prize can then be shown. The wheel will then be spun again and the bet is multiplied by the number that it lands on.

Bonus Game

By placing a winning bet on either the 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls sections you will be taken to Mr Monopoly’s 3D world. The number of rolls will either be two or four, depending on the number that landed on the wheel. The dice is then rolled on the live stream itself and Mr Monopoly will make his move around the board. If a double is rolled, an extra free dice roll could head your way. Different squares in the board can mean multipliers and payouts, while increased prizes could be yours if you land on a house or hotel. The Income Tax square can reduce winnings by either 10% or 20% though, so watch out for that.

By passing GO on the board, any prizes will be doubled. After the dice rolls are over, the bonus will end and you will head back to the main game.


Autoplay can be used to play through a set number of rounds automatically at the same bet amount. This feature can be stopped at any time by clicking the Stop button.

UK Casino Verdict

Monopoly Live: Dream Catcher Edition is one of the most unique online casino UK slot games we have here at UK Casino. It has plenty of intriguing features and really innovates what can be done in a live casino environment. Evolution Gaming have successfully combined the most popular board game in the world with some top online casino features to create an overall brilliant game. A very similar live casino game also from Evolution Gaming is of course Live Dream Catcher.