Money Cart 2

Money Cart 2

About Money Cart 2

Relax Gaming is back with a spin off from one of their most popular online slot games Money Train 2. But we’re not complaining! In Money Cart 2, Relax took their fun and thrilling bonus feature and gave it it’s own slot game!

Money Cart 2 starts off as if you’ve already entered the bonus feature of Money Train 2, with reels filled with empty circles in the same shape as the bonus symbol. Spin the reels and try to land three bonus symbols to begin the round. Now, the reels will turn with three initial free spins, each time a multiplier appears on the board, the spin counter will reset to three until the reels are full (with a potential payout of 5000x the stake), or no more bonus symbols appear. The special symbols such as Collector, Necromancer, Sniper and Payer are also eligible to appear along with their own unique features. There is also a reset feature which adds a permanent extra spin to the total spins.

Money Cart 2 has the charm and dystopian western theme of its predecessor. The 5x5 reels expand if a reel is filled, to create a 5x7 reel game, and not only are there basic multipliers from 1-10x, there are also symbols for 20-200x multipliers for larger wins.

How to play Money Cart 2

Stake Adjust your stake using the + and - buttons at the bottom of the screen. The stake ranges from 10p to £200 per spin.

Paytable This game’s paytable is a little different. Because there are no regular symbols, use this function to see what the special bonus symbols offer to your multipliers. You can do this by selecting the three lines beside the ‘mute’ button.

Features of Money Cart 2

Bonus Symbols The biggest feature of this online slot is the special symbols which appear during spins, these symbols often add to the regular multipliers.

Payer - Adds their multiplier to other existing numbers on the reels.

Collector - Takes all existing numbers into its own slot for a higher multiplier.

Collector/Payer - Adds all current multipliers on the board to its own reel then redistributes the new number back to the other multipliers.

Sniper - Doubles the value of 3-8 already existing multipliers.

Necromancer - Will resurrect between 3-7 already used special symbols.

Persistent Symbols These act like the regular special symbols but instead of having a single use per bonus round, they will trigger each spin.

Money Cart 2 FAQ

What is the max win of Money Cart 2? For this free spin game the maximum win is 5000x the initial stake.

Are there any free spins in Money Cart 2? Starting with three spins, as long as a multiplier appears on the reels, these three free spins will be reset until the reels are full, or no more multipliers appear.