power blackjack

Power Blackjack

About Power Blackjack

Live Blackjack has long stood as one of the best online casino games in our collection, with our arsenal ever-growing to cater to every player taste possible - and this installation from player-favourite developer Evolution Gaming fits this aim perfectly. Power Blackjack presents players with an alternative approach to the popular European Blackjack casino game, offering up unlimited virtual seating and 4 brilliantly unique additional blackjack side bets for you to employ for the chance to push your payout potential further than ever before!

Power Blackjack Gameplay

The Aim of Power Blackjack

Much like other blackjack casino games, the aim of play for Power Blackjack is for you to form a hand that boasts a higher value than that of the dealer’s without exceeding a total of 21.

Power Blackjack Side Bets

Alongside the traditional side bets that often appear in live blackjack games, Power Blackjack also offers 4 additional side bets for you to employ for the chance to land some even bigger payouts:

Hot 3: This bet will pay out if your first two cards and the dealer’s up card add up to a total that lands between 19 and 21.

Three of a Kind: Offers a payout if the first three cards that are dealt form a Flush, Straight or Three of a Kind Poker hand.

Any Pair: As the name suggests, this will land you a payout if the first two cards in your hand are a pair.

Bust It: Sees you land an additional payout if you beat the dealer by them busting.

Power Blackjack Buttons

Stake: Select a suitable chip value and click to place it in the relevant betting circles.

Hit: Choose to hit if you think your hand would benefit from an additional card.

Stand: Opt to stand once you think your hand is a strong enough value to beat the one held by the dealer.