Live Mega Ball

About Mega Ball

Pull up a virtual pew and witness a live casino gaming experience like one we’ve never seen before at our UK online casino, as Evolution Gaming present our UK Casino players with Mega Ball - a fantastically immersive and creatively formed experience that combines player favourite casino games, online bingo and live game shows, to present you with a phenomenal level of payout potential.

Much like online bingo, the aim of the game is to match numbers that are randomly drawn to form winning lines across your cards, if a number appears on your card it will be marked off automatically and all of your lines will be recorded so you can see which of your lines is closest to landing you a win. Players should also keep their eyes peeled for the draw of the titular ‘Mega Ball’ as it could appear and match your card, multiplying your payouts by up to 100x.

How To Play Mega Ball

Buy Cards

Before you play Mega Ball you must select the number and value of the cards you would like to purchase. You can change the value of these cards as frequently as you like throughout the betting round to ensure they suit your bankroll.

Refresh Numbers

You will see all of your cards displayed on the screen throughout the game, with the option to zoom into each one if necessary. If you decide that you are no longer happy with the numbers on your cards you can hit the relevant button to refresh them, in doing this you will be assigned new numbers during the betting time.

Ball Drawing

After the betting time has elapsed you will no longer have the option to change your card value or refresh any numbers. Rapidly, numbers will be drawn from the machine and any number on your cards that matches will be crossed off automatically. Any current or potential winnings will be displayed on the screen during this time.

Mega Ball Multiplier

Once all of the numbers have been drawn, a multiplier holding a random value between 5x and 100x will be shown on screen. A final ball is then drawn from the machine to reveal the number of the Mega Ball, if this number completes any lines on your cards your payout will be multiplied by the displayed value.