Live Caribbean Stud

Players are dealt five cards each and compete against the dealer who must have an Ace and a King or higher to qualify. The players’ cards are dealt face up; dealer’s cards face down, except for the dealer’s last card which is face up. Players must decide to raise or fold before the dealer’s complete hand is revealed. To add to the excitement, the optional 5+1 Bonus Bet and Progressive Jackpot side bet give players a separate chance to win big payouts no matter what the result of the main game against the dealer.


The best Live Casino offers all the Poker Fans out there a special treat with Live Caribbean Stud Poker! Enjoy a round of Caribbean stud Poker on UK Casino for the chance to win a Progressive Jackpot.

Live Caribbean Stud Poker offers fast-paced gameplay and lots of bonus features. This Live Poker Experience adds an extra dose of adrenalin by offering bonuses and a thrilling Joker side bet. This way you are able to win a massive progressive Jackpot. If you love Poker and would like an extra bit added, Live Caribbean Stud Poker could be the game for you.

How to Play Live Caribbean Stud Poker

In Live Caribbean Stud Poker you are dealt five cards. You and the other players compete against the dealer. In order for the dealer to qualify for the game he must have an Ace and a King. The dealer’s cards will be dealt face down, whereas the players’ cards will be visible to everyone. Before the dealer’s hand is revealed you will have to raise or fold. In addition you can place the 5+1 bonus bet or the Jackpot side bet. This way you have the chance to win big, regardless of the dealer’s hand.