Live Blackjack Party

How To Play Live Blackjack Party

The aim of Blackjack, is as simple as saying 21. You must achieve a hand that is as close to a value of 21 as possible. You will be dealt two cards and from there you must beat the dealer. However, there’s also a handful of betting features to help you increase your wealth, which include 21+3, Perfect Pairs Side Bet, Insurance Doubling Down, Splitting Pairs and Pre-Decision features.

Perfect Pairs and 21+3 Bets

These extra features give you more control over your bets and potential wins. You will be given the choice to add these features to your game when you take a seat. If you take a punt on a Perfect Pair you can increase your potential payouts. You win if your two cards make up a mixed, coloured or perfect pair. The 21+3 bet allows you to win when you hit various poker-style combinations.

Bet Behind in Live Blackjack Party

The Bet Behind can be a wildly profitable way to make some extra dough while playing Blackjack Party. The feature allows you to Bet Behind the main 7 seated players, so you can win big while you wait. Follow the red hot winning-streaks of top players, just look out for the players with a gold medal against their name. The amount of ribbons/medals will give you an indication of how ‘Hot’ the player is.
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