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About Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack is a super sleek and dynamic online casino game designed to give players the greatest [live casino](/live-casino] experience possible, alongside the chance to win potentially valuable payouts. Our live blackjack games are operated around the clock, seven days a week and are streamed to a wide range of devices directly from the casino floor in unmatchable HD quality, so our players can place their bets from the comfort of their out surroundings without worrying about buffering and low-quality gameplay.

Live Blackjack Rules

In most respects, online blackjack is played in the exact same way as its physical counterpart, with the core aim remaining as beating the dealers hand without your hand exceeding the total of 21. For our more seasoned players, this live blackjack allows for the traditional doubling up and pair splitting strategies to be implemented. The dealer also must stand with a hand of 17 or over and always draws on a hand valued at 16 or less.

The online gaming tables can accommodate up to seven ‘sitting’ players at a time, but an unlimited number of non-sitting players are able to bet on, or alongside, the card hands of those at the table. This is known as ‘bet-behind’ and is available on all non-VIP Live Blackjack tables. Bet behind is a good way to break up the ‘usual’ gameplay and increase potential winnings without risking too much. Live Online Blackjack sticks to big casino rules, so the game is played with eight decks of cards that are changed out regularly.

Entry-level Live Blackjack games played online to allow for two types of side bets (unless otherwise specified in the rules for that table). These are the well-known Perfect Pairs and 21+3 poker-style side bet. If players are not familiar with the abovementioned side bets, they can brush up on the available blackjack strategies and side bets by reading through our intensive how to play blackjack guide.

Live Blackjack at UK Casino

Live online blackjack is a hands-on affair that brings real-time gaming direct from the casino floor to your device, so you can play wherever suits you best in the highest quality possible - making live blackjack one of the most popular and sought-after online gaming formats you can come across.

Being a live casino game, it is only logical for participants to be able to hear real-time, verbal responses from the dealer, so this is built-in functionality of all tables designed to enhance the immersive-ness of our live casino games. Additionally, live blackjack boasts super-streamlined player interface which allows for easy tracking and management of bets and additional aspects of the game - creating one of the most user-friendly experiences imaginable.

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