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Live Blackjack at UK Casino

Blackjack stands as one of the most popular casino games on the market, so that’s why we here at UK Casino take pride in providing our players with the greatest live blackjack experience found outside of the casino walls. Which is why we’ve teamed up with one of the strongest developers in the live casino industry, Evolution Gaming, to bring UK Casino players a live blackjack game with unmatchable dynamics, pace and organisation.

Live Blackjack On The Go

UK Casino boasts a reputation for being of the biggest mobile casinos in the UK and to keep in line with this, we’ve taken care to ensure our live blackjack rooms are fully optimised and streamed directly to a wide range of mobile, tablet and desktop devices straight from the casino floor, so our players can place their bets from the comfort of their own surroundings without forgoing any of the crisp HD quality - UK Casino players with an Android device can also play live blackjack through our handy casino app, available to download on the Google Play Store now.

Live Blackjack also comes complete with real-time interaction between player and dealer, as well as between the players themselves, which is designed to make the player experience that much more immersive whilst minimising distraction and delay.

The Rules Of Live Blackjack

The core rules game of Live Blackjack remains the same as if it were played in a brick and mortar casino. The aim is to hold a hand of cards higher in value than the dealers, without exceeding the value of 21 – easier said than done when you’re relying on the luck of the draw. Sticking with tradition, the dealer should stand if his initial hand value is 17 and must draw if the value is 16 or under. Double up and pair splitting options are available to players as well but if you require a little further understanding before you dig your heels in, our comprehensive How To Play Blackjack guide has everything you need to know.

Live Blackjack Side Bets And Game Extras

If you’re one of our live blackjack veterans and feel like adding a bit of a twist to your gameplay, why not check out the additional options, features and side bets available to our players? There are different ways to do this, depending on your preference. If side bets are your thing then check out the 21+3 poker style side bet; alternatively, increase your potential winnings with Perfect Pair side bets on perfect, suited, or coloured pair cards.

If there are no seats at the table, which is not uncommon given the popularity of our live blackjack games, users looking for some online action can join the game ‘from behind’. Bet behind allows an unlimited number of non-sitting players to bet on, or alongside, the hands of those at the table - if the player you bet behind wins, you will receive a share of the winnings.

If you don’t feel quite ready to play along at the live tables yet, why not check out some of our other online blackjack games? Such as Blackjack Party, which should be more suitable for players new to the game.