King of Macedonia slot

King of Macedonia

About King of Macedonia Slot

King of Macedonia is an online casino slot game that has 40 paylines and the potential of two extra bonus rounds that could be triggered.

King of Macedonia Online Slot Buttons

Information Click the Information button to view the paylines and bonus features available to you in the King of Macedonia Slot.

Autoplay Click the Autoplay button to spin the reels for a selected number of rounds at the stake of your choice in King of Macedonia Slot.

Spin Once you have clicked your stake you can press the spin button to begin the King of Macedonia Slot game.

Stake Use the arrow buttons to change your Stake, use the left arrow to decrease your stake and right arrow to increase your stake in the King of Macedonia Slot.

King of Macedonia Slot Game Information

King of Macedonia is a 5 x 5 reel slot game. The betting is fixed at 40 winlines which will cost you 80 coins. Gigantic Wild symbols will cover 2 reels that are next to each other. King Free Spins Bonus will be triggered when you receive a combination of a bonus symbol and a Gigantic Wild symbol. Bonus-triggering Gigantic Wilds stay wild for the duration of the Bonus feature. Any wins you receive will be multiplied by the multiplier feature if the Bonus symbol lands without activating the Bonus. King’s Fortune extender feature for Gigantic Wilds increase the chance of hitting potential wins.