Jackpot Quest

About Jackpot Quest

Jackpot Quest is a 6x6 reel slot game stacked with 40 paylines. This Red Tiger adventure is reminiscent of the much loved mobile game Temple Run and embodies the wilderness of the rumbling jungle setting and the thrills of the boobie traps which obstruct your path to freedom. Packed with action-filled features, such as the Ruby Talisman and the Map Super Symbol, which add to the jungle fever vibes.

How to Play Jackpot Quest

Set Your Stake

Use the set your stake button to determine how much in total you would like to bet per spin. This can be anywhere between a minimum of 0.20p and a maximum of £100 and can be changed after each spin if you change your mind.


Not feeling the click to spin vibe? No worries. Use the ‘Auto’ button to set the reels to spin automatically. Chose the number of spins you would like it to run for and it’ll auto spin them for you. You can also set a loss limit, once this is hit the auto spin function will stop.


Feel like the reels are spinning a little too slow for your liking? Use the ‘Turbo’ button to activate turbo mode, this will make the reels spin at double speed. This can be activated during Autoplay too.

Jackpot Quest Special Features

Super Symbols

Alongside the general board symbols, the game hosts 4 ‘Super Symbols’ which hold a higher paying value and bonuses and can be generated randomly during the base game. They are the Golden Slot, the Satchel, the Whip and the Map.

Ruby Talisman

The Ruby Talisman is used to activate bonuses during the base game by striking anyone of the Super Symbols. For example, should the Ruby Talisman strike the Golden Slot Super Symbol it will turn ALL high-paying picture symbols into further Golden Slot symbols.

UK Casino Verdict

If you were a big player of the classic swipe and jump mobile game ‘Temple Run’ then Jackpot Quest will be right up your alley. From the action-packed bonuses to the wild jungle run theme, there’s plenty for you to enjoy. No familiar with the classic Temple Run game? Don’t fret, we’re sure you’ll still find fun among the reels as you plunge into the depths of the jungle in a bid to make an escape with the treasure. Feeling the adventure based games? We’re sure you’ll love Pirates’ Plenty