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Ghostbusters Plus

About Ghostbusters Plus

The Ghostbusters are back. The popular cult classic that follows the exploits of four famed ghost catchers is revived once more, thanks to IGT Gaming. The Ghostbusters Plus slot is a 5-reel, 3-row online casino game that takes UK Casino players on a wild ride around the haunted streets of Manhattan with the original Ghostbusters clan, as they try to rid the city of its ghoulish guests who harbour some largely valuable winning potential waiting to be extracted.

Staying true to the original gritty details of Ivan Reitman’s 80’s movies, IGT has developed this online casino game with extremely impressive attention to detail and unmatchable immersive qualities, it’s understandable why their slots form some of the most popular casino games in the business - taking the Cleopatra slot for example, which takes players through ancient Egypt for a chance to uncover the hidden treasures of the first female Pharaoh. Ghostbusters Plus is no exception to this reputation. Fans of the original films will appreciate IGT’s efforts to bring the fright fighting foursome to life, with plenty of animations and bonus rounds to reveal. Keep your eyes peeled as you will uncover the standard live casino royal A, K, Q and J symbols, alongside memorable characters from the 80’s cult classic - no Ghostbusters slot would be complete without an appearance from the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

When it comes to bonus features, IGT has pulled out all the stops to ensure the Ghostbusters casino game remains brilliantly entertaining on all parts. UK Casino players spin through the reels set on the backdrop of the spook-filled streets of NYC, but you’d fare well to keep an eye out for one of those pesky ghosts making an appearance on the reels - this will launch players into a battle with the supernatural, triggering the Ghost Battle feature where you will use the Proton Pack to defeat and collect ghosts and receive various Wilds as a reward. There’s an abundance of extra bonuses to unlock as you level up through the game, each offering their own exceptional experience.

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How to Play Ghostbusters Plus


Before you charge your Proton Pack and set off on a reel ghost hunt, a stake must first be set. To do this, toggle through the available bet amounts using the (+) and (-) buttons until you reach a denomination suited to your bankroll.


Once your wager is set and you’re ready to play Ghostbusters Plus, hit the Spin button. This will allow the game to play through a single round, randomising the symbols and deducting the set bet about from your balance. Any and all wins will be highlighted at the end of the spin.


UK Casino players are able to play through a predetermined number of rounds automatically. Simply use the Autoplay settings to select the number of games you’d like to play through, the feature will end prematurely if either; a bonus or a jackpot is triggered or the single win limit is hit. You can also terminate Autoplay at any time by hitting the stop button.

Ghostbusters Special Features

Ghost Battle

The Ghostbusters show UK Casino players that they ain’t afraid of no ghost in the Ghost Battle bonus feature. Land a ghoulish symbol on reel 3 to trigger Ghost Battle, where you will face off against a ghostly fiend in return for a potentially valuable reward - click the ghoul to release a Ghost Wild and lower your foe’s health, once their health bar is drained you will capture the ghost and level up.

Ghost Wilds

Released by ghosts during the Ghost Battle feature, Ghost Wilds are added to your Ghost Queue with the leftmost symbol being applied to the reels. At level 1 the Wilds are restricted to being multipliers of 3x, 5x and 10x but as the player progresses through the levels, more kinds are unlocked.

Equipment Feature

UK Casino players are equipped with everything they need to bust some spooks in Ghostbusters Plus. At level 1 you begin with the iconic Proton Pack but as you progress, more equipment features may trigger randomly to help you on your supernatural pursuit.

Tobin’s Spirit Guide

Make your way through the ghosts of all 9 levels and defeat the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man to receive Tobin’s Spirit Guide. This allows you to choose which ghost appears during the Ghost Battles feature.

LevelUp Plus

The Ghostbusters Plus online slot offers players a level-up system to play through. As you defeat the ghosts in the Ghost Battle round you will advance a level and unlock new ghouls and features to collect until level 10 is reached, captured ghosts at level 10 do not cause the player to advance a level or unlock any further ghosts or features.

Zuul Free Spins

Battle against the mighty demigod Zuul for the chance to win 5 free spins and a bundle of Ghost Wilds. Zuul Battle is triggered when 3 Zuul Bonus symbols appear anywhere across reels 1, 3 and 5. To start the Free Spins feature players must zap Zuul five times, each time he is zapped he will release a free spin and a Ghost Wild for players to collect.

UK Casino Verdict...

IGT Gaming has successfully reimagined the spooky ventures of the Proton Pack wielding protagonists in a scarily entertaining online casino experience. Fans of the films are bound to enjoy the element of 80’s nostalgia, as this slot offers UK Casino players the chance to stand alongside the Ghostbusters clan and defeat their own band of grizzly ghouls. Or if you’re not familiar with the films, the mass selection of bonus features and levels to achieve can appeal to all types of slot players. If slot games with a pop-culture twist are what make up part of your preference, check out the rest of our collection. Park yourself on the sofa next to Beavis and Butthead and flick through the 16 different bonus features, each following the exploits of this troublemaking twosome.