Funky Spin slot UK Casino

Funky Spin

About Funky Spin

Funky Spin is a 3 win, 5 wins line online casino UK slot game with a retro theme reminiscent of the classic pub slot machines. Although it only offers the classic 5 paylines possible for the player to hit, it also features some bountiful bonuses such as a prize wheel and 3 progressive jackpots totalled at different amounts.

How to Play Funky Spin

Place Your Bets

To select your bet value and determine your final stake for each spin, use the ‘Main Menu’ icon to make your selection. You can change this after each spin by returning to the same icon.

Spin the Reels

When you’re happy with your bet selection and you’re ready to play Funky Spin, hit the ‘Spin’ button to trigger the reels.

Auto Play

If you’re really happy with your determined bet and plan to keep it the same for the foreseeable future, use the ‘Auto’ button to set the reels to continue for a determined number of spins. You also have the option to impose a single win and/or lose limit, if either of these are hit before the spin count is up the reels will stop automatically.

Funky Spin Special Features

Progressive Jackpots

Funky Spins features 3 progressive jackpots, gold, silver and bronze. Each of these are seeded at the beginning of the game and again if it has been won, they will also increase value by a set amount each time the reels are spun. All amounts are included within the RTP of the game.

The Gold Jackpot is seeded at 250x the players stake. (£250 on a £1 stake) and will increase with every £1 bet. The Silver Jackpot is seeded at 100x the players stake (£100 on a £1 stake) and will increase with every £1 bet. The Bronze Jackpot is seeded at 50x the players stake (£50 on a £1 stake) and will increase with every £1 bet.

The Progressive Jackpots are linked directly to the player’s stake, should you choose to change your stake at any point during the game a new set of jackpots will be displayed.

Only one Jackpot can be won in any 1 game. However, it is possible for this to be an addition to any other Bonus Reel prizes won in the same spin.

Bonus Wheel

Each of the five possible paylines in Funky Spin has an assigned colour arrow. If 3 of the ‘Funky Spin’ symbols should land on the reels then the associated arrow will be lit and be used during the bonus round.

When the bonus wheel is active, players press the ‘Spin’ button to spin it. When the wheel stops, the player is awarded any prize values indicated by the lit arrows. If the POT segment of the wheel lands on a lit arrow, the player will be awarded a chance to spin the Jackpot Wheel.

Jackpot Wheel

In the event you’re given the chance to spin for a win with the Jackpot Wheel, the bonus wheel’s segments will change to only reveal Gold, Silver and Bronze. Like in the Bonus Wheel round, hit the spin button to activate the wheel. When the wheel stops, the player will be awarded the prize of the Jackpot colour which lands on a lit up arrow. This is alongside any prizes won during the Bonus Wheel round.

UK Casino Verdict

We’re pleased to add Funky Spin to our arsenal of online casino games. The latest installment to Realistic Game’s collection is really giving us those retro arcade feels, with its simple choice in paylines coupled with the additional Bonus and Jackpot reels it really reminds us of those classic slot machines back in the day.