Fantastic Fireworks

Wins can be created on the Fantastic Fireworks online casino slot game when 3 or more adjacent symbols appear on a real or a row. It doesn’t stop there though, as this firework themed slot can create longer chains and chains that intersect, thus creating special fireworks that remain on the reels until they explode. Make sure you watch the Rocket Meter too, as one of 2 bonuses will launch when it is filled. These come in the form of the Free Spins Bonus or the Cannon Bonus for the chance of hitting explosive wins.

Fantastic Fireworks Bonus Features

Free Spins Bonus Feature

In Fantastic Fireworks online slot game, you will have the potential to spark free spins into life as part of the bonus feature. At the start of the free spins bonus, the 8 free spins will be awarded once the Free Spins feature is triggered. The Sparkler symbols are the key here, as for every 10 of them you find, you will be given a further 4 free spins. Play the Fantastic Fireworks slot game and look for those Sparklers.

Cannon Bonus Feature

The cannons in the Fantastic Fireworks online slot game could end up as your greatest ally, as they can help add to your potential wins. If the Rocket Meter is filled and the Cannon Bonus feature is activated, 6 cannons will appear. Choose 3 of them to then reveal cash prizes. As we know, cannons can produce a spark, and in this game those sparks will then light an additional cannon for the chance of more cash prizes! Play Fantastic Fireworks online slot game to see if you will explode into some big wins!

Floating Reels Feature

In the Fantastic Fireworks Slot game, the exploding symbols could form a chain of explosions to provide even more winning possibilities.

Exploding symbols are a big recurring feature in the game, and they are created when chains of 4 or 5 symbols appear, or there are intersecting wins. Exploding symbols can then stick around between different spins until they explode. The exploding symbols can then be replicated, meaning even more wins could be on the horizon.

UK Casino’s Verdict

UK Casino offers plenty of fantastic online slot games, and the explosive Fantastic Fireworks slot is no exception. The graphics really do stand out, with flashes of purple and blue particularly catching the eye. The game becomes even bigger when Sparklers or a Rocket symbol are found, as that will trigger the bonus games. Play the Fantastic Fireworks Online slot game here at UK Casino, available on mobile, desktop and tablet.