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European roulette

About European Roulette

Over the years many different variations of roulette have captured the attention of our UK Online Casino players, from the fast-paced Lighting Roulette to the vast collection of live roulette casino games we host here at UK Casino. However, European Roulette remains a solid player favourite and this edition by Microgaming provides brilliantly engaging gameplay for players of all abilities to play and improve their prowess.

How To Play European Roulette

The base rules of all roulette games are the same, you’re placing bets on which area of the wheel the marble will land on by placing chips on the relevant area(s) of the number board or racetrack, correct bets will result in a payout that could prove to be valuable. You can place as many bets as you like in a single betting round and there are a number of different bets available for you to make, to learn more about how to bet at roulette head over to our casino blog to check out our complete guide.


Place your bets by selecting a suitable chip value and placing it on the areas of the number board and racetrack you’d like to wager on.


Once you have placed your bets, hit the Spin button to spin the wheel and add the marble, the winning section will be highlighted when the wheel stops spinning.