Elven Magic

Elven Magic is a 5 x 3 online casino slot game with with a Magical theme.

Elven Magic Slot Buttons

Total Stake

You can change your Total Stake value by pressing the ‘+’ button to increase your stake or the ‘-’ button to decrease your stake.


You can select the Autoplay button to spin the reels for a selected number of rounds at the stake value of your choice.


You can select the Pays button to view the paytable to see the winlines and how to activate the Bonus features.


Once you have selected your Total Stake you can select the Spin button to begin the round.

The Elven Archer

The Elven Archer watches you in the enchanted forest and is ready and waiting to fire her golden arrows. The Elven Archer may just fire her arrows that can award a win. This bonus can be triggered at anytime and is completely random.

Elven Magic Archery Bonus

The Elven Archer will shoot her golden arrows at a very deep target deep within the forest to help you potentially receive a win of up to 1000x your stake!

Elven Magic Archer Wind Bonus

When the Elven Archer fires an arrow of Wind at the reels, the tiles will spin from the magical force to reveal a magical win.

Elven Magic Archer Nature Bonus

When the Elven Archer fires an arrow of Nature at the reels, they will leave behind Random Wilds for extra wins..

Elven Magic Archer Ice Bonus

When the Elven Archer fires an arrow of Ice at the reels, the top paying symbols will be frozen on the reels and you will be awarded with a Free Respin and the chance to increase your winnings.

Elven Magic Archer Fire Bonus

When the Elven Archer fires an arrow of Fire at the reels, this will burn random tiles leaving new symbols behind them giving you the chance of receiving a bigger win.