Deal or No Deal Live

About Deal or No Deal Live

Deal or No Deal Live is a live casino game developed by Evolution Gaming based on the popular TV show of the same name. This is a game with a number of layers, as you can qualify for the show as well as play through to the live show. The Vault Wheel is how you qualify, and each spin can set the money in the largest briefcase to between 75x and 500x.

The briefcase can be topped up as well, by between 5x and 50x your bet. If you are in the live show, the host will open boxes and provide you with ‘Deal or No Deal’ offers throughout the game, each with a payout opportunity that you can either accept or reject.

How to Play Deal or No Deal

Qualification and Top up Rounds

Before the live show gets underway, you must first navigate your way through the Qualification Round. The bank vault wheel will be spun, aligning golden segments in the upper central sector. There is the possibility of increasing your chances of qualifying, through buying one or two rings with Easy and Very Easy options. Watch out for the timer in the middle of the wheel, as the aim is to qualify for the round before the time expires. You will be given the chance to spin the wheel as much as you like in order to try and qualify, with every spin costing the selected bet amount.

If you have qualified, you can be taken to the Top Up Wheel. You will have the opportunity to top up the prize in the biggest briefcase by 5x to 50x your bet. The wheel can be spun as many times as you like in the time provided, with each spin costing the current bet amount.

Main Game Show

After qualifying for the main game show portion of Deal or No Deal Live, you will find a briefcase on the table along with a phone and the game’s host. There will be another 15 briefcases in the background, each with a designated number. As in the TV show, the values that reside in the briefcases are listed down either side of the screen. The assistant will open briefcases one at a time throughout the course of the game, revealing the value of each briefcase. After opening, the case and the value will both be removed.

You will receive offers from the banker at different times throughout the game:

The first offer will arrive after three briefcases have been opened.

The second offer will arrive after four more briefcases have been opened.

The third offer will arrive when another four briefcases are opened.

The final offer arrives when there are only two briefcases are left.

At the final offer stage, you will be offered Deal or No Deal as well as the chance to swap cases. If you switch, that is the case you will open. If you kept with the original case, you will open that one.

UK Casino Verdict

Deal or No Deal Live is a fantastic concept brought to life by Evolution Gaming. As the TV show was such a smash hit, it makes sense to develop it into an online casino UK game too. The multi-tiered aspect of the game makes it all the more interesting, plus there is the opportunity to set the money in the largest briefcase up to the maximum number of 500x. If you are looking for another great live casino experience, you can also try out Live Lightning Roulette also from Evolution Gaming, with multipliers of up to 500x available.