Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal is a 20 payline online casino UK slot that is played on 5 reels.

Deal or No Deal Slot BUTTONS


You can use the up and down buttons on the Bet window to change the amount that you are staking on each round.


The I Button will show you the games paytable aswell as added information on the games bonuses.


Press Spin to place your bet and spin the reels for one round.


The Autoplay feature allows you to make the game spin automatically for a selected number of rounds.


The Balance window keeps a live counter of the amount you have left to stake.


If you are a winner, the total amount you have won will be shown in the Win window.


If the phone starts to ring and the logo shakes, there is a chance for the Banker's Bonus to be activated. If the bonus is triggered, then 3 Deal or No Deal boxes will appear on the screen. Pick one of the boxes to reveal one of the following bonuses:

Random Wilds

When the reels are spinning, a random number of symbols on the reels will be transformed into Wilds.

Mystery Symbols

As the reels spin round, random Mystery Symbols will be placed in different positions. When the reels stop, any Mystery Symbols on the reels will be removed and reveal the same symbol.

Respins Streak

If your next spin is a win, then the Respin Streak may activate. If this happens, then all winning symbols will lock into place and any losing symbols will spin again. If new symbols are added to the locked in win, then they will get locked in and the reels will spin again. This will continue until there are no more new symbols added to a win.

Colossal Symbols

As the reels are spinning, a number of Colossal Symbols will be thrown onto the reels.

Bonus Respin

After any losing spin, there is a chance that the reels will automatically spin again to create a win.


The Bonus will be activated by finding at least 3 Bonus symbols anywhere on the reels. This could trigger one of 5 bonuses, depending on what box you choose in the 'What's In Your Box' bonus.

Go All The Way Bonus

If the Go All The Way Bonus is revealed, then you will be taken to another screen with 3 Deal or No Deal boxes and 2 cash ladders on either side of the screen. On the left the ladder is blue, on the right it is red. You will then be asked to pick a box, revealing either ADVANCE BLUE, ADVANCE RED, GO ALL THE WAY BLUE, GO ALL THE WAY RED. Keep on picking until you reveal TAKE A PRIZE. You will then be given one more choice of boxes. Choose one of the boxes to reveal either TAKE BLUE, TAKE RED or BANK THEM BOTH. Your prize will be a multiplier applied to your original stake and you will be returned to the normal game.

Trail of Wealth Bonus

Revealing the Trail of Wealth Bonus will take you to a new bonus screen, based on the Deal or No Deal studio. The actual Bonus will be split into 2 seperate stages: a regular board stage and the Big Money Super Trail of Wealth Board. You will start on the board and have to roll a dice to move around. Along the way, you will collect Total Bet multiplier, Banker's Seals and Mystery Wins inside of Deal or No Deal Boxes. Land on a Mystery Win Box and you will be awarded a random win. Land on a phone symbol and you'll trigger the Banker's Bonus. This will award 1 Banker's Spin where you can win a Total Win Multiplier, a Mystery Bonus Prize of a Walk of Wealth. The Walk of Wealth feature will move you once around the whole board, collecting prizes along the way. Find 3 Banker's Seals on the and the Super Trail of Wealth will be triggered. This will change the board to also show Super Multipliers. The Bonus will continue until you land on a Mystery, or a Collect. Landing on a Mystery will either let you continue or end the feature, whereas Collect will simply end the round.

Seal of Success Bonus

In the Seal of Success Bonus, you will be taken to a fresh set of reels and given 10 Free Spins. At the top of the screen, there are 3 Banker's Seals, along with another symbol. During the Free Spins, a Banker's Seal can appear as an Overlay on the reels. If 3 Seals are placed on the reels throughout your spins, the added symbol will be changed into a Deal or No Deal symbol and you will win 5 extra spins. This can happen up to 4 times.

Powerplay Bonus

The PowerPlay Bonus shows you a second set of reels with 3 Deal or No Deal Box positions at the top of the reels. During your Free Spins, a Deal or No Deal Box overlay can appear at any point on the final reel. If you find 3 Overlays on the reels throughout your spins, then the Powerplay will begin. The 'Free Spins Left' counter will be locked and the special 23 Box symbol will become active. Each time the Box 23 lands on the reels, a mystery symbol will be revealed behind each Box 23 symbol. During your Powerplay, blue Deal or No Deal boxes can be found as overlays on the final reel. Finding 3 of these overlays will end the Powerplay and resume the normal bonus. The bonus will continue until no more Free Spins remain. Free Spins cannot be triggered in the normal bonus, but can be during the Powerplay.

Deal or No Deal Bonus

The Deal or No Deal Bonus places you in the middle of the studio, ready for a real game of Deal or No Deal. Choose from one of the boxes to pick your lucky box. Then take on the dealer for your shot at 2500x your initial bet. At the end of each round of picks, you will get an offer from the dealer, but its up to you to say Deal or No Deal. At the end of the game, the Banker will offer a swap. You can choose to swap or stick with the box you've had from the start and reveal your prize.


When a Feature Win is achieved, you will get either be able to collect your feature or gamble it to play another bonus round. You will be shown 5 features on the screen, ordered by average payout from left to right. Choose if you would like to gamble your feature and if you pick the right box, you will win that feature. If you fail, you will still be award a random Mystery Prize.


The Progressive Jackpot King can be won on any spin in Deal or No Deal, paying out a life changing sum of money. Find 5 Jackpot King overlay symbols on reels 1-5 to enter the Jackpot King Bonus. Spin the reels and reveal Crown symbols to move up the win ladder. Find 15 Crown Symbols and you'll be taken to the Wheel King feature. After each spin of the reels, choose one of the symbols to reveal either Spin, Collect or Wheel King. This will either spin the reels again, end the bonus of take you straight to the Wheel King Bonus. The Wheel King is a large wheel that has Big Win Multipliers and Jackpot King Progressive symbols all around it. Spin the Wheel and if it lands on the Jackpot King symbol, you'll be taking home the whole Jackpot. How does the Jackpot King prize increase? Well less than 0.10% of each stake is transferred into the Reserve pot. When one of the players wins the Jackpot King Pot, the Jackpot will start again using the funds that have built up in the Reserve Pot. The Jackpot is initially funded IPS. The Jackpot is funded by the initial seed, as well as that it is also funded by 0.86% of each stake, with an additional 0.13% being placed into the Reserve Pot.