Crazy Time

Crazy Time

About Crazy Time

Hot off the back of their success with titles such as Live Dream Catcher and Monopoly Live, Evolution Gaming present UK Casino players with yet another fantastic live casino game that is packed with levels of potential we’ve never witnessed before. Offering up a brilliant bounty of never-before-seen features, an extremely vast casino environment and possible cash payouts of up to 20,000x your stake, there’s plenty to feast your eyes upon with Crazy Time.

How To Play Crazy Time


Set your stake by selecting a suitable chip value and clicking on the appropriate bet boxes to place your bets. You can place as many or as little bets as you would like and can click on the same area multiple times to increase your bet value.


When the allotted betting window is spent, the game will start with the presenter spinning the prize wheel. If any of the segments indicating a bonus feature land when the wheel stops, you will be taken to the respective game area to play. Once any features have been played or the wheel has stopped on a numbered section, any winning bets will be paid out immediately.

Crazy Time Special Features

Coin Flip

Each side of the coin is given an attached multiplier value, one higher than the other. The presenter will press a button to launch the coin and whichever side lands face up will indicate the prize players will receive.


Played out the same as a classic arcade coin drop game, a token is dropped into the top of a board that is covered in pegs - the token will bounce down and land in one of the multipliers at the bottom, which could span to a value of up to 20,000x your stake!

Cash Hunt

A point and shoot-style bonus where players must take aim and fire at one of 108 multipliers that are concealed and shuffled for the chance to land a potentially valuable cash payout.

Crazy Time

Players are presented with a gigantic wheel adorned with possible prizes and 3 indicating flappers. You must pick a flapper before the wheel is spun and when it stops, you will be awarded the prize indicated by your chosen flapper - which could see you walking away with a win of up to 20,000x!