Casino International Roulette

Casino International Roulette

About Casino International Roulette

Authentic Gaming has gotten everything right with this title, from the classy casino aesthetic to the multiple camera angles which enhance the experience of the game even more so than traditional in-house casinos. As the wheel begins to slow down, it’s difficult not to feel a burst of anticipation as all players hope for the best before the ball finally settles into the winning slot for the round.

Casino International lets players access live roulette around the clock, seven days a week. It’s a title that has been meticulously designed to bring the experience of playing in a traditional casino straight to your connected device. That authentic live roulette feeling is a given because the game is streamed live from a genuine casino; the glamorous Casino Hilton International in Batumi, Georgia. With a live and professional croupier controlling proceedings, players are encouraged to place their bets in a timely fashion before it’s time for the wheel to spin.

Playing remotely at a genuine casino and being able to participate in real-time means you don’t need to bother with the hassle of attending a physical casino in person; having to travel, exchange money for chips, find a table and signal to the croupier. With Casino International Roulette you can enjoy the exact same experience from anywhere, making it an extremely convenient way to participate in an authentic online casino experience.

Understanding Roulette Casino International

Some players are put off live roulette because they think learning how to play is complex. In truth, the game is incredibly simple, and Authentic Gaming has done everything right to help players understand the rules of the game. When a live croupier is at the wheel, players can even expect to receive live information on how different types of bets work, and how much each bet could potentially pay out.

As the name suggests, Roulette Casino International is based on standard international roulette rules. This means that there are 36 numbers on the wheel, and one zero. Players can opt for low-stakes bets on evens/odds or red/black, while those who are a little more daring can choose slightly riskier strategies in the hopes of greater returns.

For example, choose to back one half of the table (numbers 1-18 or 19-16), or instead choose to back a dozen numbers on the table (known as a “third” bet). Players aren’t confined to a single bet on each spin, either, which means it's possible to place bets on various individual numbers in conjunction with odds, evens or even the zero itself. The choice is yours, and thankfully Authentic Gaming’s innovative user interface has been designed to allow for fast-flowing multiple bets. The beautiful design and high quality visuals mean Casino International offers a stress-free way to enjoy roulette without having to deal with clunky interface issues or lag.

Special Features In Casino International

Those who enjoy high-rolling will be pleased to find out that Casino International offers a premium stakes mode. When playing for premium stakes, players can expect to lay down higher minimum wagers in exchange for greater returns when they win. In addition to higher potential payouts, regular players can also take advantage of plenty of in-game bonuses, such as free spins and multipliers which can drastically increase winnings.

Overall, live roulette enthusiasts will be hard-pressed to find anything not to be enthusiastic about with Casino International. It offers fast-paced casino play, an appealing aesthetic and the chance to win big, while the live croupier ensures that gameplay feels as real as can be, regardless of where you are in the world. Authentic Gaming has mastered the art of live roulette with this title, and it is no small wonder that it’s a popular part of our comprehensive live casino game range at UK Casino.