Candy Bars

The reels are featuring lollipops, peppermints and gumdrops symbols.

About Candy Bars Slot Game

Candy Bars has 50 paylines across a 4x4 reel. There's a chance at winning your very own jackpot here.

Candy Bars Slot Buttons


The Coin Value lets you choose how much each of the 75 coins that will be placed are worth. Use the right arrow (+) to increase the Coin Value, and use the left arrow (-) to decrease the Coin Value.


The Total Bet shows you the exact stake you will be placing on that next spin of the reels.


After you've got your Total Bet all sorted, you'll be ready to spin the reels. Just press Spin and your bet will be placed.


If you win on any spin, the total value will be shown in the Win window, so you can enjoy just how much money you might win.


Just so you don't lose track of how much you have left to play with, I've put a handy Balance counter there on the screen for you.


If you'd like to watch potential winnings come in without having to keep pressing that spin button, then just press Autoplay. Select a number of rounds, and watch as the reels just keep on spinning.

SETTINGS for Candy Bars Slot

If you want to have a look at Candy Bars' paytable, then click on the Settings button. You'll also find any other information you might need when you are there.

Candy Bars Slot Wilds

The symbol you need to look out for in this slot is the Gumball. We all know that Wilds will substitute for different symbols to try and complete winning lines, but in Candy Bars, they will also give you bigger wins. If one Gumball Wild is used in a winning line, then a 2x multiplier is given to the win. But if 2 Gumball Wilds are used in a winning line, then a 4x multiplier will be added to your win.

Candy Bars Slot Blackout Wins

You'll get a Blackout Win if you fill the reels all with the same symbol. It can be any symbol that fills the reels. After you get your Blackout Win, you'll also be awarded the wins from all 50 paylines, so the final win could be huge.

Candy Bars Slot Personal Progressives

Everyone who plays Candy Bars could win their own Personal Progressive Jackpot. Anytime you play Candy Bars, a percentage of each stake will be put into the 3 Personal Progressives that you can win: The Snack Size Progressive, The King Size Progressive and the Giant Size Progressive. The jackpots will keep rising even in different sessions, so dont worry about losing it if you quit the game for the day. To win the Jackpot, you'll have to fill some of the reels with chocolate. Filling just the 2nd reel will win you the smallest Jackpot, the Snack Size Progressive. Filling the 2nd and 3rd Reel will win you the middle Jackpot, the King Size Progressive. But fill the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reel with chocolate, and you'll get the Giant Size Progressive to take home with you.