Authentic Blaze Roulette

Blaze Roulette

Introduction to Blaze Roulette

Opening in summer 2018, the ARENA studio offers the latest in live online casino streaming with three different types of roulette formats - Speed, VIP and Classic. Blaze Roulette is noted for its unique style of semi-automated play, so be prepared for a game that takes roulette to the next level!

You can play Blaze Roulette 24 hours a day, seven days a week; and there is a live presenter to host proceedings. With the professional host, coupled with the contemporary live studio setting, you almost feel like you are playing in a game show. Wait to see if your wagers have been successful as the host calls out the result of each spin, all in real-time and streamed directly to your mobile, tablet or PC.

From the moment the presenter pushes the button, you will be able to place your bets again for the next round, before the spinning action begins again!

Playing Blaze Roulette

Blaze Roulette uses the common draw European Roulette game which has 37 slots - from 0 to 36. Every round is timed at 45 seconds, offering players enough time to consider their bets and take action before the spinning recommences. It has been calculated that as many as 157 different varieties of bets can be placed in common draw roulette which is based on the single zero European variants. These include even and odd bets, along with wagers which are on number groups.

The wheel used in common draw European roulette has an outside and inside region. Wagers are placed based on where the player guesses that the marble will drop during the following spin.

Blaze Roulette Features

There are plenty of neat features which keep Blaze Roulette engaging and add anticipation for the next spin. You will have useful analytical data from your last 100 spins at a glance, just below the display for Call Bets. There is also a personal betting history, along with a hot and cold number tracker. And you'll be able to adjust your audio volume and screen view to get as close as possible to the real casino experience.

The game is fully compatible with both mobile and desktop, meaning that players can enjoy Blaze Roulette on the go, or in the comfort of their own home. You will find that there are several HD cameras covering each table, offering a dynamic view which allows you to soak up the atmosphere of the venue. The semi-automatic nature of this live roulette game allows a live dealer to host proceedings, adding to the feeling of actually being in a casino.

Whether you are an experienced roulette player or a casual online casino fan who fancies 'popping in' for a few spins, Blaze Roulette has the fast pace and originality to win you over. From the lighting to the various settings which enable you to personalise your experience, Blaze Roulette has plenty of plus points.

Around the wheel and around the clock - Blaze Roulette is waiting for responsible players to experience the thrills and spills of a live casino roulette wheel and is just one of the many live casino games we offer our members here at UK Casino.