Beavis And Butthead

About Beavis and Butthead slot

Beavis and Butthead slot is an online casino game created by Blueprint Gaming and based on the cult MTV animation that originally aired from 1993 to 1997 for seven seasons, but was brought back for an eighth season in 2011. This sensational slot is played on a 5x3 reel platform with 20 paylines. The main characters are doing what they do best: sitting in front of the TV, eating snacks and drinking soda while the reels spin.

Any spin in the Beavis and Butthead slot can be modified to great effect, thanks to the Couch Your Cash feature. That is far from the end of the fantastic features though, as landing 3 Walk of Fame bonus symbols can trigger one of six exceptional bonus rounds; Don’t Be A Buzzkill, Customers Suck, To ‘B’ or not to ‘B’ Free Spins, Maxi Mart Free Spins, The Great Cornholio Free Spins and Just Deserts Big Money. The devilish duo could, in fact, lead you towards some wonderful wins in this terrific slot game.

Play the Beavis and Butthead slot here at UK Casino via mobile, desktop and tablet devices.

Beavis and Butthead Modifiers

Couch Your Cash!

The Couch Your Cash bonus round can be activated on any spin of the reels, just watch out for the devilish duo beginning to laugh at the TV as that is the sign that one of the following modifiers will be yours.

Die Fly, Die!

A fly will buzz around the screen, much to the annoyance of Beavis and Butthead. They will then spring into action and hit their fly swatters onto random symbols, turning these positions into Wilds at random.

Cornholio Wilds

Beavis has a major alter-ego that could jump into action, with Cornholio appearing to turn standard reels into fully stacked Wild Reels.

Colossal Couch Fishing

If the fishing rod comes out, you could end up with 3x3 Colossal Reels as three adjacent reels are combined.

So Nacho!

Watching TV is hungry work, so the pair may decide to open up a pack of nachos but they will explode and land on the reels at random. A matching symbol will then be chosen for the reels in place of each nacho.

Butt Flambe

By downing a full bottle of hot sauce, Beavis will have a huge stomach problem leading to some flashy flatulence. This will then fire bonus symbols onto the reels, which could help trigger a bonus round.

Some Like it Hot

As if one hot sauce modifier wasn’t enough, both Beavis and Butthead can both chug the sauce and this time burp fire onto the reels. This will cause a guaranteed winning spin.

Additional Modifiers

Two more modifiers could head your way after any spin too.

Sofa Slugfest

The fishing rod could return, catching in Beavis’ hair. He can then fly across the reels and knock out symbols at random, to replace them with new ones.

Change The Channel

Butthead is easily bored, and could change the TV channel at random. If he does, the reels will spin at random and reveal a winning combination.

Beavis and Butthead Slot Bonus Games

If three or more Walk of Fame symbols land on the reels at the same time, the bonus picker will be activated. You will then be given a choice between six film strips each with a ? inside. Select one and you will be offered one of the six bonus rounds at random. If you wish to try and upgrade your bonus round, you can use the Feature Gamble by clicking ‘Pick Again’.

Don’t Be A Buzzkill Bonus

Coach Bradley has dragged these delinquents into his office, and you will need to choose between the two and you will either be given a cash win or a Buzzkill, the latter of which will raise the anger level of Coach Bradley. If his rage meter reaches the full capacity, he will burst into flames and the feature will end.

Customers Suck! Bonus

Burger World is the venue for the Customers Suck Bonus, as Beavis and Butthead begin a shift serving food. It is your task to choose between a row of burger boxes which can reveal instant prizes. Each food type will have a multiplier amount attached too, starting at x1 for chicken nuggets and x5 for a hamburger with cheese. If you are able to land three golden burgers, you will advance to the To ‘B’ or not to ‘B’ Free Spins round or better. Look out for the worm burgers though, as landing three of these will end the feature.

To ‘B’ Or Not to ‘B’ Free Spins

Claim 10 Free Spins with the opportunity of either Beavis or Butthead turning Wild in order to increase the winning potential. There is also the opportunity of landing Hollywood Star symbols that can lead to some great instant prizes. If you land three, you can trigger more Free Spins while if you land six you can trigger the Just Deserts bonus.

Maxi Mart Free Spins

A vending machine is the unique location for the Maxi Mart Free Spins, as you claim an initial 12 Free Spins. The Maxi Gulp Wild feature means empty cups across the reels can be filled and Wilds can be awarded. You can also collect tokens throughout the bonus round, with three tokens providing a random number of Super Spins with Maxi Gulp Wilds in play. Six tokens will improve the bonus rounds and trigger Just Deserts.

The Great Cornholio Free Spins

The alter-ego returns for this great bonus round, and the school bathroom is the location this time. You will get six Free Spins and Cornholio can appear in any of the cubicles, which will turn the entire reel Wild. There is also a token feature in this round, where three can unlock Super Spins and six tokens can unlock the Just Deserts bonus.

Just Deserts Big Money Bonus

The biggest bonus round is the Just Deserts Big Money Bonus, as you choose between three skulls while the duo are stranded in the desert. With each pick, Beavis and Butthead can move a number of steps, with each step having a multiplier attached. They become weary on their walk and may collapse eventually. The round can also end if you choose a Collect symbol. Land on an oasis symbol and an instant prize can be awarded including the opportunity at a Super Boost.

UK Casino Beavis and Butthead Slot Verdict

Here at UK Casino, we are huge fans of casino UK slots that have a great theme, and there is none better than the hilarious Beavis and Butthead slot. Featuring all of the characters we have grown to know and love thanks to the cult classic MTV show, Blueprint Gaming have created a masterpiece full of excellent graphics and mesmerising bonus features. Just like the show, we expect this slot to become a cult classic. Another Blueprint game based on a hit that you could try is the gargantuan The Goonies slot.