Auto Roulette Classic

Auto Roulette Classic

Introducing Auto Roulette Classic by Authentic Gaming

The game formerly known as Auto Roulette 30, before Authentic reshuffled their roulette range, is one of the titles leading the way when it comes to live roulette. So what makes Auto Roulette Classic different from some of the 'semi-auto' roulette games which are also streamed live from a casino? It is the absence of a live dealer, which keeps the pace of the game fast and consistent. Everything you can see on the screen - from the wheel to the ball - are all real.

How does the magic happen? The wheel’s movement mechanism is governed by a computer, and the ball is spun using compressed air and sucked back in with a vacuum. So now you know!

Along with the live experience, the raft of features offered in Auto Roulette Classic 1 are something that both experienced and new players alike enjoy and appreciate.

Playing Auto Roulette Classic

Based on the single zero European variant of roulette, the Auto Roulette Classic game has 37 slots, numbered from 0 to 36. It is known that over 157 varieties of bets can be placed in common draw roulette, but the special features offered on Auto Roulette Classic mean that there are actually more than that. Among the standard wagers which players can make are odd and even bets, and bets on number groups.

Players have 25 seconds to consider their bets before the wheel is spun. The total length of each game round on Auto Roulette Classic is 63 seconds. Bets are placed based on which number the player thinks that the marble will drop on during the next round.

But those are just the basics, read on for more information on some fantastic Auto Roulette Classic features.

Auto Roulette Classic Features

One of the most original features on Auto Roulette Classic is Auto Spin. If you have a bet which you want to place a number of times, all you need to do is select Auto Spin, and it will make the same wager on consecutive spins. So you can just sit back and watch the wheel spin.

Auto Roulette Classic also offers a whole new world in terms of roulette betting - that is betting on statistics. Pretty much anywhere you can see a stat on the screen, you can bet on it. That includes the hit rate of each number on the wheel, and you will have access to information on the last 250 spins, meaning you can see what's hot, though Roulette is a game of chance. Remember, you can return to the normal betting grid whenever you please.

Had a memorable win and want to remember the bet for future reference? On Auto Roulette Classic you'll be able to save your favourite bet layouts, so you can call upon them any time you like.

The interface of Auto Roulette Classic will not be alien to people who have played online roulette before. It is kept basic and familiar, so it is playable for novices and experienced players alike. A handy feature is a display of the last five hot and cold numbers, which gives you a nice overview of recent spins.

Auto Roulette Classic from Authentic Gaming is a superb option for players who enjoy classic roulette played in a live environment, with the addition of some really cool features. It’s a popular choice from our range of live casino games and a game we are delighted to be able to offer to our members.