Andy Capp

Andy Capp Slot Buttons


Select the Paytable button in the bottom left hand corner to view the winlines and how to activate the bonus features in Andy Capp Slot.


You can increase or decrease your stake in the Andy Capp Slot by using the arrow buttons on the left hand side.


You can select the Autoplay button to spin the reels for a selected number of rounds at the stake of your choice. Press the Stop button to cancel the Autoplay feature at any time.


Once you have chosen your Stake you can press the Spin button to begin the round.

Andy Capp Slot Bonus Features

Andy Capp Drunken Adventure

When you receive 3 Bonus symbols, you will activate Andy Capp Drunken Adventure. As seen in the original comic books, Andy will go on an adventure through the town visiting some of his favourite places that include the local pub, the pool hall, the football pitch and go for a game of darts.

The Boozer Free Spins

Andy will go on a wander to his local bar and since he their best customer, the barman will award him with 10 Free Spins. When Andy plays through all 10 of the Free Spins you will then get one final super spin. All the wilds that have been collected during the Free Spins will then be added to the reels, and the reels will spin one last time to award you with one last prize before Andy leaves the pub.

The Bookies Bonus

Andy will go on a wander to the bookies and he will receive 3 bet slips to choose from. Once you have selected a bet slip then Andy will be given a bunch of rosettes that will reveal a variety of multipliers. Find 3 trophies within the rosettes and you will receive a massive multiplier. The Bookies Bonus will end when you reveal the Collect symbol.

Let’s Play Darts Bonus

Win huge multipliers as Andy aims for the Bullseye. You will receive receive 3 darts to throw at the dart board, with the numbers Andy hits being the multiplier you will receive. You can win up to 180x your stake in the Let’s Play Darts Bonus.

On Me ‘Ead Free Spins

Win big money with the unlimited Free Spins and sticky wilds when Andy Capp walks to the pitch. Every ball that Andy manages to head into the net, will award you with a Wild that will stay on the reels until the end of the Free Spins. The Free Spins will come to an end when Andy Capp receives a yellow card and then finally a red card.

The Jolly Riveter Super Bonus

When you reach Andy Capps local pub you will be awarded a spin at the special reel set. Every Andy Capp symbol you receive will add a huge multiplier. You can win up to an amazing 1000x your total stake with the Super Bonus.

Hungover Andy Modifiers

When Andy makes it back to his bed, he lies and has 3 different dream scenarios. Andy can dream of beautiful women who will bring him upgraded symbols to the reels. Andy can dream of a Colossal Ale which is a 3x3 symbol and this will be dropped onto the reels offering you the chance to receive a big win. He can also have a wild dream where a random amount of Wilds symbols will be added to the reels.

Jackpot 0.13% of ever stake will be placed into the reserve pot. This means, when the Jackpot King is won, the reserve pot will be used to start the jackpot again. Overall, the jackpot is funded by the initial seed, and 0.86% of each stake, with the additional 0.13% being placed into the reserve pot.